52 Questions Menu

The 52 Items Menu was created specifically for married couples to ignite their marriage by increasing intimacy with one another. These questions are designed to help you and your spouse begin an otherwise unlikely conversation together. DISCLAIMER: This menu is available for download by married adults only. Contents are not suitable for children.

Download: 52 Questions (Content Warning: For Married Adults Only)

Download: Double Date 52 Questions

4 Dates. 4 Weeks. Date Night Challenge

At the 2013 Love, Laughter & Rock & Roll event, Pastor Ted challenged every couple to go on 4 dates in 4 weeks. We want to help you by offering 4 themes that accompany each week. Therefore, we have created 10 date night ideas and 52 questions for each theme to help you have fun together. Simply download the 4Dates4Weeks Packet, which includes details for each date, and enjoy your marriage!

Download: Packet 1
Download: Packet 2

Prioritizing Your Marriage in the Midst of the Grind:

Pastor Ted challenged couples in five particular areas during his talk on The Date Night Challenge. Be sure to make the five areas listed a priority. You can download the notes from Pastor Ted’s second talk at the 2013 Love, Laughter & Rock n’ Roll event below.

Download: 2013 Love and Laughter Notes

Conversation Starters

These conversation starters are a great resource to get your family or spouse engaged with you. They provide relevant real-world and biblical content that will ignite a dialogue with your loved one dealing with a variety of topics.

Download: Conversation Starters for Engaged Couples

Download: Conversation Starters (The Complete Money Series)

Download: Conversation Starters (Sexual Intimacy)

Backup Singers

Every marriage is a duet in need of great backup singers. And every spouse needs family and friends advocating for both spouses in their marriage. Take a moment and download this resource to help you with a friend or family member going through a marriage crisis. Be a great backup singer. Step up to the mic.

Download: Backup Singer Packet