Sunday Inclement Weather Policy

When weather conditions are adverse during the weekend, a decision will be made by 6:00 AM Sunday to implement the “Sunday Inclement Weather Policy”.  Which could include the cancellation of all gatherings or a possible delayed start at the 10a & 11:30a gathering to allow time for the roads to clear.  Our parking lots and sidewalks will be treated for those who can make it to campus, and a live webcast will be available to those who can’t.  If the Sunday Inclement Weather Policy is implemented, an announcement will be made via text, social media and the website.

Outdoor Seating Notice

For the comfort of our church family and guests, the outdoor Courtyard seating will be open as the weather and temps allow.  Please enjoy our indoor seating in the main Gathering Center of The Castle or The Chapel (10a only).

Wednesday Inclement Weather Policy

There will be no Wednesday Night Activities when Branson Schools are closed due to inclement weather.  If the “Wednesday Inclement Weather Policy” is implemented, an announcement will be made via text, social media and the website.  

Weekday Inclement Weather Policy

When weather and/or road conditions are adverse during the week, and if the Branson Schools are closed, weekday activities or events may be canceled or postponed. An announcement will be made via text, social media, and the website.