Woodland Hills Creative Arts Auditions

Join us for our Creative Arts Auditions. This night is designed to help you learn what it looks like to be a part of our campus-wide worship, hosting, storytelling and technical teams + give you the opportunity to either audition or interview for your respective position. Whether you play an instrument, sing, run sound, lights, camera or lyrics we want to connect with you.

During this event you will meet those currently serving in these areas of ministry + hear from those leading the ministries and their expectations. We will have mock rehearsals, interviews with our technical team, and times of community and growth. Hope to see you there!

For those wanting to audition for vocalist and/or instrumentalist, please come prepared to sing/play “What A Beautiful Name” or “Reckless Love”. For vocalists, please learn both the lead/melody AND a harmony part for 1 song.


Please review our covenant before considering joining our team.


 Our next event is Sunday, March, 28th 2020

3-5p in the Green Room.

Registration opens soon.