Thank you for serving your church! Below is a small list of expectations and guidelines to read and discuss with your parents before you fill out the form agreeing to guidelines. We are really excited that you are taking the next step to serving your church family.


• Personal growth is an important part of the Student Serve program, so I will attend one service and serve in the other.

• Please report to your scheduled space 15 minutes prior to  the service. 

• Stay at your scheduled space or with your scheduled class at all times. 

• No cell phones visible or in use while serving. 

• Inform an adult if a child needs a bathroom break/diaper change or discipline. 

• Help leaders carry out Biblical lessons that teach children about God. 

• Maintain a calm and controlled demeanor when working with any children (no rough housing or tickling).

• I will not carry or hold a child on the lap that is over the age of 2 years old.

• I understand that there is typically one Student Serve per scheduled area and serving alongside my peers is unlikely.

• I will wear the provided t-shirt while serving. 

• I understand that volunteer central is a privilege for serving and will not abuse it or bring my friends.

 By filling out the form below, you are agreeing to and have discussed with your parents the expectations and guidelines of the Student Serve program:

Student Serve Policy

Student Serve: Leader Reference Request