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Here at Wild Woods, we set out to make Sunday morning the BEST day of the week!!!  Why?? Because we get to gather together, to sing worship to God , to learn Truth from His Word, to check in with friends, and to have all kinds of FUN doing it!!!  We want our kids to discover how their story intersects with God's story.  We want to show them that their story IS God's story.

In Wild Woods we take an entire month to focus on 1 theme, 1 verse, 1 virtue and we provide TONS of unpredictable fun around that predictable focus.  Each Sunday, we provide a practical application that kids can relate to so they can immediately put the bible lesson and bottom line from the morning into practice.

•  As kids enter into Wild Woods on Sunday, small group leaders engage your child with small talk questions and silly fun icebreaker challenges.  Game time is a huge part of our morning during both small and large group time - everybody loves a good challenge and friendly competition, right?!!

•  After games, we head on into our large group.  Between the high energy worship with motions and repetitive lyrics, all the way to our epic Bible story, our leaders are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen...even if that means getting a little cRAzY.

•  After large group, we head back to our small groups to unpack the Bible story and talk about how it applies to our lives.

•  Every week, kids can earn Critter Cash! We reward kids with Critter Cash for things like bringing your Bible, saying your memory verse, and completing the take home activities. Be on the lookout for Critter Cash order forms coming home with your child each month! 

Ultimately, our "win" is when parents are the first voice teaching the Bible stories. THAT'S why we have a number of ways to partner with you, Mom & Dad! Check this out:

  • Each week, your child will get a God Time Sheet - a quick daily devotional for them to complete at home and return the next Sunday for Critter Cash.
  • On the first Sunday of the month, we will send home a Family Experience Pack including the upcoming Bible stories for the month, a family activity, and all of the monthly theme and memory verse information. 
  • We are on Facebook! Check out our page and all of the fun we highlight about our ministry there! There are even giveaways and articles and resources created just for you!

  • Woodland Hills Family Church cares for each student inside our family ministry. Please share your child's special needs with us here to help us best minister to your child. 

  • Download the Church Center app to create a profile, register your child, and be subscribed to our weekly emails!