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If you have students in 4th, 5th, or 6th grade, we have a special group designed for the unique needs of pre-teens! We know teenagers are a little too mature for the younger crowd and not quite ready for the deeper issues that Jr. Highers face. Thus, CREW is the perfect landing spot for those “in-between” years!

We are now excited to offer a transition year for our sixth graders. We invite them to join us on Sunday mornings at The Porch for CREW, and to participate in our weekly Student Ministries program on Wednesday nights!  

In Crew, our slogan is "We're All in This Together." Every Sunday we gather in The Porch for worship and a Bible lesson, followed with small group chats and prayer. We have lots of group games as well as offer free time where students can play carpetball and board games or just hang out with friends. The Porch building has a homey feel that makes guests feel welcome and regulars feel like they belong. Our small group leaders stick with the same group of students both years they are in Crew, which offers the consistency and friendship pre-teens need.

Woodland Hills Family Church cares for each student inside our family ministry. Please share your child's special needs with us here to help us best minister to your child.

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If you are participating in our children's ministry from home for the time, we invite you to stay connected with our resources using the Church at Home page