From being a friend during a difficult season or wise counsel during a time of need, our Care Pastor will meet people and minister to them right where they are in life with the goal of sharing the love and truth of Jesus. Meet our Care Pastor!

Rex Childress:

My wife and best friend Brenda, have been married forty-eight years and have one son, three daughters, twelve grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren and a very special fur baby named Tilly. Brenda is Manager of Clinical Operations, with Fersenius Kidney Care Dialysis Centers in various states.  

My aim is to offer the ministry of presence as I care for our congregation. In my role, I can be a friend in a time of need, a cheer leader, or  serve as a counselor amidst life’s varying seasons. The greatest part of being Care Pastor for Woodland Hills Family Church is the opportunity to share Jesus Christ and how much he truly loves us with others during their most difficult times.

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