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Finding I Am

Wednesdays in The Chapel

Next Session TBD

Women’s Bible Study

What is the deep cry of your heart? That ache in your soul that keeps you up at night? The prayer you keep repeating? Jesus not only cares about this deep, spiritual wrestling, but He also wants to step in and see you through it.

Join Lysa TerKeurst on the streets of Israel to explore the seven I AM statements of Jesus found in the Gospel of John. Through this interactive, in-depth study, you will learn to:

  • Trade feelings of emptiness and depletion for a more personal fulfillment from knowing who Jesus is.
  • Stop living like a slave to your circumstances by training your heart to embrace the life-giving freedom God wants for you.
  • Gain a better understanding of how Jesus' words 2,000 years ago are so very applicable to the answers we are searching for today.



Our leaders have something special planned just for the kids during the a.m. & p.m. Bible Studies.  Registration Required.

Men’s Bible Study

Sometimes circumstances in life make it difficult for men to be all God wants them to be.  Tony Evans urges men to stop looking at their circumstances as excuses and instead to see them as challenges and opportunities for success. Exploring the examples of men of God throughout the Bible, this study will challenge you to lay down your excuses, stop compromising, and fight to be a man of character and commitment. Despite your setbacks, failures, and pressures, you can still find purpose, meaning, and direction in life and become the man God has called you to be.


No More Excuses

Wednesdays in The Cabin

Next Session TBD
Mothers of Preschoolers

2nd & 4th Tuesdays Of The Month In The Chapel

9-11:15 am starting September 10th

For more information, contact MOPS Coordinator, Kayla Clark 

Join Us


MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) is for moms with infants to kindergarteners. A MOPS meeting includes practical teaching through speakers, demonstrations and videos.  There is also food… food you didn’t make! More importantly, you’ll get to have honest conversations with other moms who understand the joys and frustrations of motherhood.

BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)

Verse by verse, we approach the Bible as God's Truth, to be studied, savored and lived out. We believe God's Word speaks across cultures to every one of our 400,000+ members around the world. Whether new to the Bible, a seasoned reader, child or adult, we explore Scripture together.

Thursdays in The Chapel

9:10 - 11:10am  Starting September 12th
Acts & Letters of the Apostles

For more information, contact satellite discussion group admin.,
Nann Flowers at (417) 230-5016