The Series

Life has many roads. Some are familiar, well worn and predictable. Others throw us detours and delays.

We say things like, “I’ve hit a bump in the road,” when something doesn’t turn out as planned. Or “let’s hit the road,” when we’re ready to leave. When we don’t fight a critic it’s because we are taking the “high road.”

Country Roads is a 5-part teaching series for us to consider our travels through life. The road we’re on determines where we end up. Are you on the right road?


The Record

We hit the studio as a fun way to journey through the series. Covering five songs fitting the themes of each message, our team has recorded an album and cut it straight to vinyl. You’ve heard all the music LIVE onstage each week and now have the opportunity to download and enjoy it at home!



Country Roads 10 inch album-01

Country Roads 10 inch album-02