Are you ready for your faith to grow? We invite you to link-up with others in a Home Group setting. It’s a great place to grow spiritually, make new friends, and encourage each other through all of the ups and downs of life. Most groups meet for a couple of hours, weekly or twice a month. We share snacks, discuss questions from that Sunday’s sermon, and pray together. Christ-centered fellowship draws us closer to one another and to God.

How can you join a Home Group? It’s easy – just come to the next HomeLink event.  HomeLink is your chance to meet others and experience what a home group environment could look like. For anyone who would like more information or would like to join a Home Group, our next HomeLink is Wednesday, October 23, 2019 @ 6:30p in The Cabin. You will receive information on Woodland Hills’ vision for our groups that meet in homes.  We have group discussions on the sermon questions that are created each week and ask for an eight-week commitment.

If you are interested in Home Groups, please complete the short form below. At HomeLink, you’ll meet other people who are eager to grow together in the Lord. We invite you to link-up with your brothers and sisters in Christ and share life in ways that will transform you.

Refreshments & childcare available if you register beforehand. We can’t wait to see you there!