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    From Anger to Intimacy

    Anger begins as frustration, hurt or fear. When these emotions aren’t dealt with, they fester and intensify into resentment and rage – and the intimacy you once enjoyed in your marriage is driven away. But there’s a better way, a way that leads to a marriage that goes the distance.

    How you respond to anger can make all the difference in your relationship- and your life. In From Anger to Intimacy, Dr. Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham teach you and your spouse how to

    • Resolve conflict, hurt, and pain in a healthy way
    • Overcome feelings of anger, frustration, and rage
    • Forgive and nurture a forgiving spirit
    • Craft the perfect apology
    • Break sexual addiction and heal after an affair
    • And much more

    Far from something to be avoided or stuffed deep down inside, anger is your opportunity to grow closer together. Discover how it can be done in this life-changing book.

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    Fun Loving You

    For a good time, call home

    Ted Cunningham has a surprising definition of marriage: a man and a woman enjoying life together.  In fact, God created marriage to be a blast-even when it feels like the rest of life is going to explode.

    This refreshing book will help you:

    • Laugh together again (it’s easier than you think)
    • Make sex even more exciting than on your honeymoon
    • Discover how to make doing dishes together a party
    • Fight as teammates, not opponents
    • Figure out how to break the routine without breaking the bank
    • Remember why your spouse is the most likeable person you know

    Fun Loving You puts laughter, fun, and even spin-the-bottle back into marriage.  After all, life is hard.  Marriage doesn’t have to be.

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    The Power of Home

    In his new book, The Power of Home, Ted Cunningham encourages you and your household to take stock of where you are and where you are going by answering a few simple questions:

    What is the current state of our family?

    What does it mean for our family to be redeemed?

    How can we take personal responsibility for our faith and our family?

    If you want a healthy family now and in the future, The Powe4r of Home can help you find a way for every family member to contribute to the spiritual growth of your home. Ted’s keen insight combined with clever stories will help you understand how to value each person in your family and their contribution to your “team”.

    Each chapter includes five or six conversation starters to help your family benefit together from this valuable resource.

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    Trophy Child

    The Anti-Tiger Mom Book

    Do you cringe when your kids fight in public because it makes you look bad?  Do you find yourself helping too much with homework because you want the teacher to be impressed?  Do you secretly take credit for your child’s soccer win?  You might be in danger of vanity parenting.

    Vanity parenting happens when our culture’s obsession with performance leads us to form expectations for our kids based on the world’s standards.  As a result, our children try to meet our emotional needs instead of growing into the calling God has for them.

    Trophy Child will help you create a home where your children find success in following their heavenly Father – and you know the joy of seeing your children embrace their full potential as children of God.

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    Young and In Love

    Maybe “I Do” Is Better Than “Just Don’t”

    Developing a godly relationship can be hard when you fall in love at a young age.  Few people offer support.  Many doubt your love is real.  It seems almost everyone-your friends, your parents, even your church-thinks you’re much too young for marriage.  You’re not ready.  But maybe that’s not true.

    Pastor Ted Cunningham reveals the secrets to creating a healthy, successful, and lifelong relationship in early adulthood.  He explains where the arguments against young marriage often go wrong.  Then he offers wisdom on how to know if you are making the right choice and helps you understand what it takes to be ready for marriage.  And along the way, he shows you that, far from kissing dating good-bye, the answer to staying pure might be to prepare for marriage.  Because it’s often easier to say, “Let’s wait,” when “I do” isn’t so far away.

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