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52 dates. 20 dreams come true. 

At Woodland Hills, we believe here that every follower of Jesus is called to esteem marriage as highly valuable. “Marriage should be honored – esteemed as highly valuable – by all and the marriage bed kept pure.” Hebrews 13:4
This year, we want to encourage you to be intentional, within your weekly dates, to DREAM BIG! You can join the 20in16 fun.  Just download the blank form and, as a couple, compile your own list of the 20 date-night dreams that you can achieve in 2016! (Don’t forget to post it online and TAG us so we can follow your journey as your #dreamscometrue!)

Blank Date List

We would love to hear YOUR story. If Woodland Hills has been a blessing to you or encouraged you to step up the intentionality in your marriage or the marriages around you, email: [email protected]. Also, consider sharing your 20 dream dates with us on social media using the hashtag #20in16 and tagging us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Disclaimer: Woodland Hills reserves all rights to bless couples at any time. There will be many surprises and many stories shared along this #20in16 journey.