Solutions from Woodland Hills on Vimeo.

Solutions is a ministry devoted to teaching people how to develop healthy, godly, and satisfying relationships. We meet on Wednesday nights at 6:30pm, and are focused on many aspects of deep spiritual growth. Solutions at WHFC addresses practical life issues that are common to all relationships and to people of all ages, such as:

  • ·      Communication
  • ·      Intimacy
  • ·      Conflict
  • ·      Emotional Issues
  • ·      Boundaries
  • ·      Success
  • ·      Honesty
  • ·      Expectations

And in relationships relevant to:

  • ·      Dating
  • ·      Engagement
  • ·      Marriage
  • ·      Raising Children and Teens
  • ·      Co-workers

Solutions meets in the environment of safe people who are on the journey to learning how to deal with various topics like:

  • ·      Who is pushing your buttons and why
  • ·      How to have that difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding
  • ·      “Christian” beliefs that are not so “Christian”
  • ·      How to get a date worth keeping
  • ·      How to succeed in love and life
  • ·      Understanding how people grow
  • ·      Establishing true biblical integrity

Join Paul and Cathy Krueger and the rest of the Solutions family on Wednesday nights for the practical and biblical tools you need to develop spiritual and relational maturity.