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BELOW, you will find a list of our most recent and archived sermons, an audio player to listen directly on our site, the sermon date, and who the speaker was for the particular week.

WANNA KNOW MORE?  Click on the sermon title and it will take you to a page with a more in depth description about the sermon and the ability to download the sermons mp3 directly within each post as well as downloading the message transcript.




Sermon: The Soul (Part 2) – Stressed and Afraid
Speaker: Joe White | | Date: February 22, 2015 | Sermon Series: The Soul
Sermon: Empowering Home (Part 2)
Speaker: Joe White | | Date: November 2, 2014 | Sermon Series: Empowering Home
Sermon: Joe White
Speaker: Joe White | | Date: March 2, 2014 | Sermon Series: Special Broadcast

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