You can’t catch time and hold it tight in your grasp.  More than likely, you have already taken note of this as you have seen your children grow and change at a very rapid speed. With this pace, it is important to be intentional in our time with our families.  This devotional was created just for that!These cards were designed to use each day with your family for a short, encouraging truth to unpack together.  We have designed the devotional so you only have to “Add Water and Stir.”  Don’t worry about doing extra research or collecting supplies.  You will find it just requires a little time, and willing hearts.  Pull these cards out while you are waiting for casseroles to bake, or after teeth have been brushed.  Make it fit in your every day routine.We hope you will be refreshed by this time together, and it will be something your kids will remember for years to come.  Also, be on the lookout for the new series, and collect them all!

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Here is a fun activity to go with your family devotions. You’re kids will remember and enjoy each of these lessons!

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